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Getting started

After registering, you will see the Attendance Log page. This is where you can track your progress on the Catholic First Fridays Devotion.
First Fridays Attendance Log

Logging Attendance

To mark attendance just click the year and month when you attended Mass. Click the "Save All" button on the right to save the Log.
First Fridays Attendance Log with dates selected

Un-logging Attendance

To unmark attendance for a month click the year and month. The mark will be removed. Be sure to click "Save All" before leaving the page.
First Fridays Attendance Log with dates selected and unselected

The "Save All" button

Any edits to the Attendance Log are shown on the page but will not be permanently saved until you click the "Save All" button. Click the save button before leaving the page to prevent losing your changes. The button is disabled until changes are made.
First Fridays Attendance Log's Save All Button

Reaching Nine First Fridays

Once you have reached your nine First Fridays the log will indicate this with a message and an icon in the month it was completed.
First Fridays Attendance Log with nine consecutive dates selected

Adding other family/friends to the Attendance Log

Enter the person's name in the box on the right and click "Add Member". A new tab will show next to your tab. Click "Save All" to make the addition permanent. Log the new members attendance as you do yours.
First Fridays Attendance Log adding a member

Removing a family/friends from the Attendance Log

When removing a member all attendance data for that member will be lost so be sure you really want to delete that information! Click the "X" on the members tab. A message will appear to confirm your intention to remove that member. The members tab will be removed. Click "Save All" to make the removal permanent.
First Fridays Attendance Log removing a member